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As the top award winning Expedia® Cruises® agency in Canada, we are true travel experts and over the past 20+ years our office has planned hundreds of destination reunions .

Using our simple 3 step approach, we will create and execute a plan tailored to your specific needs. Those that have planned their destination reunions with us in the past have often told us that it was the best trip they'd ever had. You will return with lots of great memories and your stress level will be dramatically reduced.

Being part of a $69 billion travel company (Expedia®) we are best suited to help you with your destination reunion . Size does matter when you are selecting a company to book your destination reunion with. The buying power of Expedia® can not be matched by any other travel company in the world. Also, if something were to go wrong while traveling a hotel in a foreign land, for example, would be far more eager to fix a problem in order to keep an Expedia® Cruises® agency happy than a smaller company that rarely books their property.